3 Easy-to-Use Resources to Give Downsized Items New Life

A few months ago, our blog discussed the ins and outs of downsizing when moving into senior living. A big challenge many seniors face when downsizing is letting go of their cherished belongings – especially if they are still in good condition.

However, what if you were able to give these belongings a new life? Would you feel better knowing your favorite sofa or dining room table were finding a new home, appreciated by a new owner?

There are many resources in the Greater Cincinnati area that accept used goods to make use of your prized possessions. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Vietnam Veterans of American (VVA): VVA is a national organization that helps improve the lives of our nation’s veterans, assisting with community involvement, PTSD awareness, counseling and more. Seniors can donate their reusable clothes and household items to Veterans by following three easy steps:

1) Schedule a pick up from your house (online or by phone)

2) Place your items in bags or boxes clearly marked “For VVA”

3) Leave items on your porch by 7:30 a.m. on your scheduled pick-up day

VVA will leave a receipt on your front porch, too. To see a full list of accepted items, visit its website.

  • New Life Furniture (NLF): NLF is a furniture bank that operates like a food bank. It accepts gently used furniture to donate to families coming out of homelessness or abusive situations. Serving more than 70 zip codes and 18 agencies/shelters, the organization gives hope to those starting over – making their homes more comfortable so they are able to focus on their families and jobs. NLF will even pick up your furniture, for a fee. Its website notes a list of acceptable items for donation.
  • Second Story Auctions (SSA): A community-focused, online auction company, SSA’s headquarters are in Cincinnati. It sells furniture, collectibles, jewelry, art, antiques and more. SSA’s goal is to take the stress out of selling and offers a free consultation with a personal auction assistant to help you figure out what to donate and what to sell. Therefore, while VVA and NLF are purely charitable organizations, you are able to make a profit from selling your items with SSA. With service tailored to your needs and preferences and a local warehouse to store your items, SSA is an easy-to-use service. And those items that don’t sell in auction? They’re donated to NLF.

Though saying goodbye to your beloved items can be difficult when downsizing in preparation for moving into senior living, it sure is nice to know that these possessions can continue to make another person, or family, happy and comfortable.




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