Blazing a Trail to Wellness for Older Americans Month

This May, we are celebrating Older Americans Month – recognizing older adults’ lasting contributions to our society. It is also an excellent time to raise awareness for important issues facing older adults, and to highlight the ways they are positive impacting and inspiring others.

About 80 percent of older Americans suffer from at least one chronic health condition, proving why it is vital for seniors to stay active and revamp their diets. Healthy living not only improves and maintains physical health, but it also activates your mind, connects you with the community through social activities, prevents isolation and more.

There are many ways seniors can make small changes that lead to large differences in wellness – regardless of their age:

Focus on wellness for your mind and body – Staying active and practicing a healthy diet may decrease risks to your brain’s health. Challenging your mind through reading, taking a class, playing games and socializing also have a positive impact on your brain.

Don’t forget about nutrition – Nutrition is as equally vital as exercise to your physical well-being. Consult your doctor or nutritionist about how to improve your wellness through a well-balanced diet.

Get social – Not only is it fun to get active with others, but exercising with a group of friends or a class can also keep you accountable and help you follow a regular schedule.

Start slowly – Even if you are new to exercising regularly, if exercising at all, it is never too late to begin. Choose a low-impact activity you can slowly pick up – such as walking or gentle stretching. The Kenwood offers Tai Chi classes, a Chinese form of martial arts that involves slow, low-impact movements that seniors can complete even if they have a limited range of movement. Kristin Diestche, The Kenwood’s Tai Chi instructor, recently visited Fox 19 Cincinnati to discuss how seniors can enhance their balance, strengthen their muscles and improve their flexibility by practicing Tai Chi.

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