Boost your Immune System to Better Health This Winter

With snow arriving and temperatures dropping, many illnesses are emerging in full force. While they threaten to plague people far and wide, seniors are not only most vulnerable to infections, but are also affected most severely. Therefore, it is important to take proper precautions while working to boost your immune systems for better health this winter.

  • Get a flu shot – Between 80 and 90% of seasonal flu-related deaths and more than 60% of season flu-related hospitalizations in the United States each year occur in people 65 years and older, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Flu vaccines are an effective way for seniors to lower these rates and to protect themselves against influenza.
  • Look to vitamins for a boost – Many vitamins and supplements effectively boost the immune system. From Vitamin C to Vitamin B12, Echinacea and more, these nutrients are beneficial to fighting infections. Consult your doctor before deciding which is right for you.
  • Practice a healthy diet – Eating well can also prevent sickness, so pick up those fruits and veggies. A low-fat diet with lean proteins, whole grains and nutrients will build a strong immune system. Drinking plenty of water will also keep mucous membranes moist, lowering your chances of influenza.
  • Improve with sleep and exercise – Other immune system boosters are physical activity and sleep. Exercise not only improves circulation but also prevents infections. Because stress can suppress immune systems, sleeping well is vital to combat it.
  • Wash hands – A simple solution to eliminate unwanted germs is washing your hands. Germs and viruses live on surfaces and can be passed around in an instant. Scrubbing them away will prevent them from entering the nose and mouth.

Enacting preventative measures this season is a great way to eliminate the risk of the flu, illnesses, viruses and other germs. Do you have any special tips? Share with us on our Facebook page.



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