Caring for Caregivers All Year

While November is National Family Caregivers Month, our appreciation doesn’t need to be limited to one month of the year. The Kenwood by Senior Star’s executive director Tom Rotz recently discussed ways to honor caregivers year round.

There are several ways — both big and small — that senior living professionals can honor caregivers while encouraging others to honor them and thank them for their hard work. A few of my favorites to pass along to families of our residents include:

  • Send flowers, a card or something sweet to show you are thinking of them.
  • Prepare dinner – and make plenty enough for leftovers.
  • Run a few errands on their to-do list.
  • Offer to help with yard work, get their house cleaned or water their flowers.
  • Organize a local fundraiser to help with caregiving costs.
  • Pick up a few items at the grocery store to save them a trip.
  • Spend time looking after their loved one while they visit a caregivers support group or take time to recharge.
  • Walk their dog, or watch their children.
  • Treat them to a night out with movie tickets or dinner while making arrangements for someone to look after their loved one.
  • Give a stress-relief care package, full of aromatherapy oils, lotion and more.
  • Offer to wash their car or fill up their gas tank.

Read more from Tom at McKnight’s Senior Living.


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