Creative Writing Corner – featuring Joan D. Sattler

Each week, many of our residents meet for Creative Writing Group with Lisa McKenzie. The class offers a creative outlet and the opportunity to flex their writing muscles.

This month, we’d like to highlight two poems written by Joan D. Sattler:


When you feel all is lost
Just sit down and write
All you are grateful for

It’s very humbling when
You realize that you have
So many things to be
Joyous about

Whenever you feel down
And start to pout just
Raise up your arms
And shout—I have so
Many things to
Be grateful for

Take Pencil to Paper

Take pencil to paper and see
what you wrote

It might be poetry, a fiction
or a non-fiction story or
just an old wives’ tale

Take pencil to paper until
you find that something
inside has showered your
pencil and paper with words
that created this poem





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