Daunted by Downsizing? These Quick Tips Will Help

As many can attest, moving can be an emotional experience regardless of age. Downsizing to move into senior living can be especially challenging, though, because it can be difficult to leave your home filled with memories and tokens of a life well-lived.

The good news? The Kenwood by Senior Star strives to make this process as easy as possible by providing new residents with tried and true tips. After all, new beginnings should be an exciting adventure – not a stressful burden.




Envision yourself in your new home and community

Helping new residents understand what life will be like at our community is key when it comes to downsizing.

Though many seniors are used to entertaining in their living rooms, dining rooms and more, their socializing space can extend beyond the walls of their home to outside of it. At The Kenwood, we have many shared spaces where seniors can meet with one another and participate in socially and mentally engaging activities.

On top of that, our community also offers a gourmet dining experience – not only for our residents, but for residents and their friends and families.

Because of this, our Senior Stars can feel at ease letting go of their large china sets, kitchenware, excess furniture and other necessary items for hosting.

Consider the size of your new space

A simplified way to determine which items to keep and which to leave behind is to consider what space you’ll have at your new home, and which items belong in said space. If you have one room for dining, you won’t need both a kitchen and a dining table. If you have only have space for two couches in the family room, you won’t need to hold on to furniture that decorated your basement.

Ask for a helping hand

While this might seem easy to decide, we know it is especially tough to let go of items that are close to our hearts. For those who feel overwhelmed by downsizing, or could benefit from an extra boost, we recommend hiring a company to help move.

One of The Kenwood’s favorites, Golden Transitions, provides services for older adults that will help them transition into their new home. The company keeps seniors on task and offers an objective perspective that can help older adults determine what they need. From cleaning to packing and more, a professional helping hand can go a long way.

Prioritize your prized possessions

Most importantly, when it comes time to downsize, we encourage residents to abide by a certain rule of thumb: “Bring what you love.” Doing so will always help residents feel at home.


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