Individually Inspired – Frank and Connie Smith

It’s no surprise that many of our residents enjoy living an active, social lifestyle within our Kenwood by Senior Star community. This Sweetest Day, we are happy to highlight an Individually Inspired couple – Frank and Connie Smith.

While Frank enjoys the aquatic classes, Connie spends time at knitting class, book club, the aquatic classes and more. They’ve lived at The Kenwood for the past three years and love meeting other residents through activities, events and programs.

“The moment we walked up to The Kenwood, we knew it felt like home… From its beautifully decorated community to its hands-on staff, no other senior living community compares.”



Frank and Connie Smith at The Kenwood by Senior Star.


One of Connie’s creations from knitting class at The Kenwood.


A scarf Connie made, held together by a piece of jewelry she created during another Kenwood activity.


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