Innovative Memory Care Programming at The Kenwood

The Kenwood by Senior Star prides itself on offering a holistic approach to memory care, with many programs that create a calm and positive environment, foster a sense of community and mentally stimulate residents.

Two of these special offerings include our Snoezelen® Therapy and Dakim® BrainFitness™ programs.

Located in our memory care wing, the Snoezelen® Room multi-sensory environment is filled with soothing lights, sounds, scents and textures providing residents with a relaxing atmosphere away from challenges, confusion and agitation. A great resource for residents who struggle with high anxiety, the room radiates a calming effect. From a bubble machine and dim lights to soft music and a cozy recliner, residents become comforted and tranquil. Not only is Snoezelen® Therapy a good tool for residents to take a break, but it also helps our staff engage residents to improve their day.

Meanwhile, our Dakim® BrainFitness™ is a self-adjusting, easy-to-use touch screen that is the only clinically-tested brain fitness software designed specifically for adults over the age of 60. Not every residents enjoys group activities, but many desire mental stimulation. Dakim® engages a resident at their level – adjusting questions based on the resident’s answers. With puzzles, sorting and memory games to choose from, Dakim® keeps Senior Stars’ brains active and engages all, no matter what Alzheimer’s or dementia stage they are in.

If you think your loved one could benefit from Snoezelen® Therapy, Dakim® BrainFitness™ and/or some of our other memory care offerings, please contact us to schedule a personalized tour.

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