Kenwood Employee Powers Holiday Baking Frenzy for Residents

Many of our staff members go above and beyond to make our residents feel special – especially during the holidays.

One, Kathy Evans, is an avid baker and bestows sweet goodies on residents. Every holiday season since 1999, Kathy has taken a week of vacation to bake homemade treats and distribute them to Senior Stars at The Kenwood.

This year, with the help of her “elves” (her daughter-in-law, friends and co-workers), Kathy compiled 215 holiday bags, each with 11 homemade goodies inside, for independent living residents, as well as 54 boxes for health services residents.

The treats usually take 4-5 hours to bag and 5-6 hours to personally deliver. One health services resident, Willie Redmond, was up bright and early to help deliver the cookies at 7 a.m.

“It gives residents a happy heart – and it gives me one, too,” Kathy said.

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  1. Peggy Schorsch says:

    I know how much Kathy enjoys her baking and more so her residents. She is very dedicated to her residents and always has been, in any job she has held. I am sure her residents feel the same about her and it is very heart warming to see such affection from Kathy. I know this for sure because I am her sister and we have had many conversations regarding this subject. She is truly dedicated and her affection is very real. I was very happy to hear of her “Employee of the Year” award, of which Kathy is very deserving.

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