Make a Smooth Move into Senior Living

You’ve figured out how to downsize before moving into senior living. You’ve finally let go of many of your cherished items, knowing they will find second lives with new owners. Now, you’re faced with your final big hurdle: calming your nerves to make that big move into your new senior living community.

Thankfully, The Kenwood by Senior Star is dedicated to making move-in day as smooth as possible. With a designated move-in coordinator, Nancy Grant, and countless other staff members to help before, during and after your move, our team is always in reach to ease your transition.

Before your move: First, The Kenwood prepares soon-to-be Senior Stars with a “Smooth Move” checklist to help you think about your transition and know what resources are available to make the move easier. This includes connecting you with a moving company that specializes in senior moves.

Dedicated to handling your items with care, movers will even take pictures of your shelves and household items to make sure they are set up the same way in your new apartment. With a quick call to check in the day before move-in, you’ll feel confident and supported.

During your move: Most moves are a two-day process: the first day is spent packing, while on the second day, the moving van arrives and all items are loaded, delivered to your new home and unpacked. Because the movers are both experienced and highly qualified, you’re able to step away from the process knowing they have everything under control.

Once at The Kenwood, you can join a staff member for lunch in our dining room to unwind while the movers unload. When they’re finished, you can head to your apartment to start making it your own.

Because unpacking can feel a bit overwhelming, The Kenwood staff is happy to bring you dinner to enjoy in your apartment, or can join you in the dining room if you prefer. With staff by your side to help wherever needed, you’re able to relax and get settled with some comfort food, a little bit of laughter and a friendly face.

After your move: Though it might feel as though your move is over once you’re entirely unpacked, The Kenwood staff knows that your transition into senior living may take more time to allow you to feel completely comfortable.

With a resident liaison from The Kenwood’s Welcoming Committee to answer questions and offer support post-move, new Senior Stars will always have a friend in the community. The committee’s detailed approach provides each resident a customized welcoming based on their personalities and interests. In time, The Kenwood by Senior Star will feel like home, and its staff and residents your family.





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