New Residents Welcomed Home with The Kenwood’s Unique Committee

At The Kenwood by Senior Star, we strive to ensure each resident’s transition into senior living is as smooth as possible. Our Welcoming Committee, co-chaired by residents Gerri Lewin and Win Swormstedt, supports incoming Senior Stars so they feel comfortable and excited about moving to their new home.

The widely-received committee is part of the Residents Council, which works closely with many of The Kenwood’s departments. The collaboration with The Kenwood’s marketing team allows the committee to properly welcome and pair each resident with a similar committee member, who will serve as a guide throughout the transition process.

Due to the committee’s detailed approach, each resident experiences a customized welcoming. All new residents will get to know their guide over lunch or dinner – a one-on-one session to answer any questions, learn more about one another and enjoy each other’s company. From there, members of the Welcoming Committee introduce new Senior Stars to other residents, participate in The Kenwood’s activities and events together and check-in to see how each resident is adjusting.

For new Senior Stars moving from out of town, the welcoming process extends beyond The Kenwood’s walls. The committee arms each new resident with a map of Madeira and guides them on a tour of the surrounding area. This helps out-of-town residents acclimate not only to The Kenwood by Senior Star, but also to the Cincinnati area.

Map - Welcoming Committee


Gerri and Win enjoy leading the Welcoming Committee, a task force they feel is both necessary and beneficial to new residents.

“I’m a people-person and like interacting with others,” Gerri said. “It’s especially satisfying to see others adjust and know you’re doing something helpful for them.”

Win, a natural nurturer, enjoys meeting and aiding others without judgement. The women’s successful partnership plays an integral role in transforming incoming Senior Star’s lives by making each feel welcomed and at ease.

For more information about The Kenwood by Senior Star’s Welcoming Committee, contact Chris Blair at

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