Thoughtful Gifts Your Grandparents Will Love This Holiday

The holiday season is here and it’s almost time to celebrate. If you’ve quickly checked most of your loved ones off your list, but still need a special something for grandma or grandpa, The Kenwood by Senior Star offers some tips.

If your grandparents love to read, books or audio books are a wonderful gift to fuel their favorite hobby. If they are looking to consolidate their book collection, an e-reader or tablet, such as an Amazon Fire or Kindle, work well to keep all of their books in one place. Be sure to take time to show how to set up and use their new device, so they can begin reading right away. However, if your grandparents prefer the live action of a movie, classic films can also be uploaded to the tablet. Just don’t forget the popcorn!

With colder weather coming, cozy gifts will keep your grandparents warm. Fun socks, slippers, mittens, scarves and holiday sweaters are comfortable and work well for the wintertime. A bottle or case of their favorite wine or whiskey is a nice addition for when curling up by the fire. Or, create a toasty ambience with seasonal scented candles.

One of our residents’ most popular recommendations was a gift with personal touches. A photo collage or framed pictures of the family are heartwarming decorations and reminders of the memories you share together. If you have a difficult time choosing just a few pictures, a digital frame loaded with photos of your family can display all of your favorites. A handwritten note is also a good way to thank your grandma and grandpa for everything they do – and it will serve as a nice memento for them, too.

Finally, an overwhelming majority of our residents preferred one gift: time. Whether that means taking your grandparents to their favorite restaurant, movie theater or spa, or helping them bake a batch of cookies, our residents cherish time spent with their loved ones. If your grandma and grandpa live too far away to visit, teaching them how to use Skype video chat can help bridge the distance. The holidays are excellent for getting together and catching up with loved ones, both near and far, which is a gift in itself.

Happy holidays from everyone at The Kenwood by Senior Star!





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